Introducing our new Kahrs display

Kahrs display

One Wood Flooring are happy to introduce our new display of Kahrs wood flooring!

Come and see our new Kährs display at our London and Surrey showroom. Relax in our beautiful garden while you contemplate your new floor. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to give you expert advice and help you find the perfect flooring at a great price!

A bit about Kährs flooring

Kährs Wood is the most eco-friendly, beautiful and versatile flooring material there is. Few materials can add as much warmth and atmosphere as wood. It softens the most minimalistic designs, while accentuating the mood of a more traditional interior. And although trends may come and go, quality and true style never goes out of fashion. That’s why a wood floor from Kährs will always be the perfect choice.

Kährs of Sweden is the oldest wood floor manufacturer in the world still in operation, with a history that dates back to 1857. It is also the most innovative, with a history of wood floor inventions and innovations that span decades. They include the world’s first patented multi-layer wood floor in 1941; the world’s first water-based lacquer system in 1984, and the first ISO 14001 environmental management certification in 1997.

Ever since the start, Kährs have been guided by a firm commitment to quality, the environment and sustainability. This permeates everything Kährs do, from the selection of the best raw material from over 3,000 timber suppliers, through the different design treatments Kährs use, to clean and low emission production.

Along side the Kährs display you can also browse our extensive range of floors including Ted Todd, Boen and Eco Hardwood amongst many others. You can also view our unique wooden feature wall!

One Wood Floors supply throughout the whole of the UK so call us on 020 8942 5554 for expert advice, we are always happy to help

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