Why you should use Experienced Floor Fitters

Laying laminate flooring

You wouldn’t ask an electrician to do your plumbing so why would you ask anyone else to fit your floor other than an experienced floor fitter?

At One Wood Floors we value our customer feedback which has highlighted the importance of having qualified floor fitters to install your floor. Our wealth of experience assures you that the quality of installation matches the quality of the product.

You take the time to choose the right floor and we will take the time to ensure trouble free installation!

A recent case study was a client who was remodelling her kitchen. The client purchased flooring from One Wood Floors but decided to have their builder install the floor. When the project was complete the client noticed dips/bouncy spots in the flooring which was a result of bad subfloor preparation. The builder offered the solution of repairing that section, however, the client was not comfortable with this so called us for advice.

In this case our advice was to take up the entire floor and correct the subfloor levels, fortunately for the client the builder had fitted the kitchen first which meant that kitchen did not have to be removed. One Wood Floors completed the project to the clients standards and saved costs by reusing the existing flooring and resourcing the damaged boards from our trusted suppliers, the client also has the peace of mind of a two year fitting guarantee! Result, one happy customer!!

This brings us to the question should you install flooring or your kitchen first?

Benefits of installing flooring BEFORE your kitchen

Heights – It is important to get the height of your kitchen correct to avoid any issues later if/when you decide to change appliances.

Remodelling – When you invest in good quality wood flooring, it should last a lifetime (with the right care and maintenance) but kitchens have a shorter life so it makes sense to build the kitchen on top of the floor.

Appearance. Installing flooring under a kitchen will give a cleaner look especially with bespoke kitchens.

Benefits of installing flooring AFTER your kitchen

Water Damage. By fitting your kitchen first and using plywood underneath the cabinets could save you ripping the whole kitchen up in the event of water damage. This option might be preferable if you decide to go with a cost effective/durable flooring such as a laminate which is more likely to be replaced than an engineered wood floor. Although, the cost is often covered by household insurance the stress of having to rip up your kitchen may sway you to this option.

Why not request a visit from our estimater who can offer you expert advice to offer the best solution for your project or call one of our Sales team on 020 89425554